investment plans are 0.1-10% daily depends on a Trade Group offer. The minimum amount to deposit is $5 while the referral commission is 5%.

Cryptocurrency trading is a sure way of earning real cash, but it all depends on your expertise and level of training. Inexperienced traders are always advised to try out services like that guarantee steady profits every day. is both an escrow service and an investment opportunity. As an investment opportunity, customers are guaranteed a fixed interest on a daily basis. The escrow service comes into play when you decide to invest with other groups that are attached to it. That is why it has adopted the name Chain Group. It is a chain of other groups that trade cryptocurrencies for those who are not so good at it. They offer variable interest rates that are however within a range. Even though you may not be sure of what the groups can give you on a daily basis, you can still know that you will profit at the end of the day. The reason for the variability in daily interest rates is to ensure that even when they don’t make profits from a day’s trade, you will not be affected by it. Instead of partaking in the loss, you will be given a little profit for the day. Some of the groups attached to include Dragon Foundation, Bitstrong, and T.G Thomas & Others. These groups are independent of one another but you can invest into any of them through However, if you need clarity on any particular one, you are advised to contact the one concerned. You can find contact information on the website or ask customer representative to give you more details about them.

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